Top 10+ Amazing and sexy the dragonflies grounds of Tattoo

Tattoo Design offers an interesting mixture to appeal to a tattoo. The Dragonfly symbolizes a lot of different things from a cultural aspect, which makes it very symbolically as well. Since the nineties tattoos of dragonflies are has become very popular among the women, especially those who have more independence and liberal as what society usually the woman. Even if this type of design element is considered as more of a choice of the female sex, men is also known for a darker color with the tattoos social dragonfly added to important reasons of tattoo. If we look at the dragonfly is brings us a step closer to the understanding of the symbolic value. The existence of this insect starts in the water with the female with lots of eggs in standing water. He was born in the water after a dragonfly wings is starting to fly. This fact of dragonfly a symbol of fertility and an insect that moves in the water, air and earth. You can see this design element, resulted in the memorial tattoos on parents who have a child, or women who have a relationship of violence.

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