Popularity is the symbol of Yin and Yang Tattoos art design

In the world of the tattoo, a design element that has already done a great popularity is the symbol of Yin and Yang. The symbol is an essential part of the Chinese culture that the unit of men and women and of the balance. The Yin and Yang, the female, male power. The Yin and Yang are usually done in black and white but it is not rare to find in black and red. The Yin is in white with a black point and the Yang is black with a white dot in the middle. Visually check the two parties are equal. This symbol yin and yang is such a classic symbol tribal and behind it is a nice touch. If you look closely, you can see that the tribal represents a traditional dragon and that dragon is now the yin-yang in its claws. I love the way in which this Yin Yang has the texture. A very original idea.

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