Best 10+ Eye-Catching flashy and Swan tattoo designs

Today, when it comes to tattoos – there is no lack of choice in terms of aesthetics and deeper symbolic meanings. This really means that a tattoo can be both a positive and a negative side of the same design elements. For many people, the Swan as a symbol of beauty and purity, it is known that represent both the rays of the sun and the dark side of the evil in many cultures, as illustrated in the famous film Black Swan. There are stories and folklore around the swans in the Celtic mythology, as well as the Greek. According to the Celtic legends C was the swans in a few which proposed the char of the sun. According to the Greek mythology the swans helped Apollo across the sky. That is more the reason Swan has a free spot substantially in the models of jewelry since 1500 for Christ. This tradition continues with gold and jewelry in crystal has a lot of drawings with the swan in the center.

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